Exodus at Yahoo!

The recent exodus of senior Yahoo! staff has given rise to an interesting blogging exchange. With so many leaving at such a time, we are bound to wonder whether its because they’ve been poached by Microsoft, or Google, or perhaps a secret start-up which Microsoft OR Google can buy later… or whether its simply because Jerry Yang is under pressure to cut costs in order to satisfy the “lack of shareholder value” argument put forward by Carl Icahn.

Reading between the lines, I suspect Icahn has little to do with it, and it is more a case of the Internet protecting its precious own. Only a couple of days ago it was announced that Google were in high-end talks with Yahoo about matters beyond the current advertisement-sharing model. Unlikely to be a all-out takeover, analysts have predicted a rescue package which will start slowly and gather pace for mutual advantage.

Meanwhile, Yahoo’s shareprice has plummeted while Microsoft remain aloof and disinterested about their previous takeover bid.

Yahoo!’s recent departees have included Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake (co-founders of Flickr), Jeff Weiner, Usama Fayyad, Jeremy Zawodny and JR Conlin.

Each of them are giving no solid reasons for their departure, in fact Stewart Butterfield’s strange resignation letter only adds further intrigue to the riddle.

Watch this space… and listen out in a couple of weeks for an announcement of what they’re all up to.

The plot thickens. Do contribute with a comment if you know more…

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